Up Next From Rae

Being a hitman takes skill. It takes discipline and rules. 

I broke my cardinal rule; never talk to the mark.

Bryn Valentine has clawed her way under my skin and now I can’t turn her away.


Life as a hitman came easy to me. I was born a killer. Hell, even my name strikes fear in people’s hearts, at least the ones who know what’s good for them. 

My reputation is flawless. I’m professional, efficient and I’ve never missed a mark. I’ve managed to rise to the top of this wicked bloody world by following a specific set of rules. 

Rule number one – Never talk to the mark. 

Killing Bryn Valentine should have been simple, it should have been routine. But something in those big soul-piercing brown eyes caused me to break my cardinal rule. 

Now that the truth is out, I can’t follow through with the job. Killing Bryn Valentine is no longer an option. I will protect her even when dozens of my competition gun for us. Even when it feels like the entire underground is closing in on us, I’ll defend her. And when all she needs to feel safe is my body dominating hers, I will gladly provide. 

I’ve spent years living as a feared killer, but now I must use all I know to save her.