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Hell On the Highway
The Raven Boys Series Book 2
by Stephanie Nichole
Genre: MC Romance
Jude is used to doing everything on her own. There are two people that she
knows she can rely on, her father and best friend Kai. However, her
father’s failing health has her barely managing financially.
Between nursing school, medial bill co-pays and everyday life she’s
struggling. Her only saving grace is racing. When she gets an inside
invite to the elusive Brody Raven drag races she knows she can’t
Brody Raven is the youngest and wildest of the Raven brothers. They own and
operate a local bar as well as the Raven MC. However, Brody loves to
drag race and it’s no secret that he runs an illegal drag racing
set up behind the bar.
Brody isn’t prepared for Jude and his cocky, undefeated attitude catches
up to him behind the wheel of his car. However, losing is the last
thing on his mind once he lays eyes on Jude but she has a secret, a
big secret, that could completely tear them apart.
**read as a standalone **
Twin Flames
The Raven Boys Series Book 1
by M.A. Lee
Ivy Allan left home and never looked back. Ivy believes she has enough
distance between her dark past to be able to live as the new Ivy- the
girl no one knows. However, when she arrives at college and befriends
wild-child Lacy, her journey to a new life is distracted by a Raven Boy.
Jameson Raven only loved one thing; his motorcycle. Being every girls wet
dream, Jameson is a legend in the motorcycle club world. Never
taking life too seriously, this cocky bad boy didn’t care about
anything or anyone other than his clubhouse. But, that all changed
the day he met Ivy.
After a chance encounter with Ivy, Jameson finds himself intrigued by the
mysterious girl who seems unaffected by his appeal. Only, Jameson
won’t take no for an answer when it comes to Ivy.
What begins as a troubled friendship quickly evolves into a wild and
steamy romance. With an enemy of the Raven Boys set out to destroy
the Raven Clubhouse Jameson and his brothers will stop at nothing to
save their clubhouse and their family name. With Ivy’s help, Jameson
discovers what is really worth fighting for. And both Jameson and Ivy
are willing to get burned in the process of finding love.
**read as a standalone! **
**Book 3, Entangled Rivals releases in July
and Book 4, Burning Hearts releases in August!!**
Stephanie Nichole lives in a small town with her family in New Mexico. She
graduated college in 2010 with a degree in business and accounting.
However, her true passion is all things book related. As a student
English and Literature were her favorite subjects. Weekly library
trips with her mother also helped instill her love for books.
Stephanie would look forward to summer most of all, not because she
was out of school but for the summer reading groups at her local
library. After a friend’s encouragement she started her author
journey in 2016.
Stephanie is an avid book, music and old Hollywood movie lover. When she’s not
busy reading or writing she’s probably binge watching Netflix or
PassionFlix. Some of her favorite authors are: Edgar Allan Poe, Abbi
Glines, Colleen Hoover, Alessandra Torre, K. Bromberg, Tarryn Fisher,
Nicholas Sparks and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Stephanie also loves to connect with her readers on social media.
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