★·.·´¯`·.·★ B̳o̳o̳k̳ ̳R̳e̳v̳i̳e̳w̳ ★·.·´¯`·.·★ Lethal (The Disciples Book 1) by Cassandra Robbins

Lethal (The Disciples Book 1)Lethal by Cassandra Robbins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eve is a gypsy living in a run down trailer with her ailing father and dead beat brother. She does whatever she has to do to survive and keep her father as healthy as possible even if that means stealing whatever she can get her hands on. She is used to growing up without much but what she can carry in her big bags. So when her bother gets in a bad way with the Disciples MC club and he is gone with out a trace she tries to do whatever she can to make sure her family is safe.
Blade is the president of the Disciples MC club and he doesn’t take well to people owing him and not making good on an agreement so when he and his crew go to the rundown carnival to find Benny and they find his sister and father instead there is only one thing that he can do to get what he is due. He takes Eve. Only thing is instead of marking her to show that she is for the club he marks her to show that she is his. For the first time he takes a queen.
Eve and Blade go through a constant back and forth of hating each other than loving each other. It is hard for both because they are both so used to just living to be ahead of the game, to make sure that they survive. They don’t even know what to do with the feelings of love.
This book was so well written and I got a real MC feel from this. I honestly really wanted to know what happen to Doc to turn him to use his own supply. Now the only real issue that I had from this was that there was so much back and forth between them I couldn’t tell sometimes what was real and what wasn’t. Did she really think that she couldn’t get P? Did she do it to trap him? Was he really going to sell her? There were times when I felt like she was really in love with him then times when I felt like she was running an ulterior motive. What happen to her stash behind the picture? I have so many questions. I for sure would love to read the next book though.

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