Play-by-Play Review: All My Life by Prescott Lane

The Cover:

all my life

I can tell just from looking at this cover that there will be some sloppy crying going on in my future. Yup, big ol’nasty tears.

The Prologue:

I usually always try to read the prelude/prologue to the books I have unless its just way, way too long and seem like it has nothing to do with the actual story. I am so glad I didn’t skip this one. His daughter is so cute!


The beginning:

This book is totally making me feel so great on the inside. Garrett even at the tender age of 16 was man enough to stand up and take care of his responsibilities. Even it was due to his parent making him. I was so not feeling how Devlyn’s parents were treating him when they found out, I mean yeah it sucks that he is a teenage parent but jeez everyone makes mistakes.

Chapter 1-10:

I love this. LOVE IT! I am so pissed that it took Garrett so long to figure out his feelings for Devlyn. Like Dude she has been standing right there in front of you for your whole life, why now! But thank god now! If he would have ended up with one of those women that sent him resumes and flowers, *CRINGE*. How about that girl who drove all the way up from Florida, really? He is better than me because I would have never even thought about going on a date with someone like that. Talk about Stranger Danger!

gif_temp (1)

What is really going on with these letters from her mother to Mia? Who is getting them? Did she really leave Mia just because she was selfish. As a mother I never understand how you could just not want your child and from the tone of those letters it seems that she wants Mia to be happy. Does she send them to her every birthday?

Halfway through:

The love between the two of them is so perfect, I just can’t stand it. but why do I feel like something bad is going to happen? Like there is a break up pending. My emotions can’t take it, I am serious. I will cry.

oprah crying

“The day Mia was born I fell in love on the spot,” Garrett says. “I was so happy to hear Mia cry. No one told me I’d spend the rest of my life trying to make sure she never cried again.”

2/3rds done:

There is no way that he knew about that clause, but clause or no clause I would have at least tried to make some sort of contact with her. How would a 16 year old boy know to put that in there, she really should have known that it was either of the parents that put that in there. Sorry Sheena, you get’s no pass from me!

The Ending

Oh my goodness, this book put me through the ringer! I was right in my original prediction that I was going to cry because of this book. I did. I really did. Not sloppy tears though…lol. Usually at the end of books I always feel like there should be more, like there should be another 10 chapters or so, but this book ended so perfectly. I loved it! I don’t know if I could put Garrett in my list of book boyfriends because, MY MAN! How could you not see that she was in love with you? He was a good man though. Great Read!


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