Play by Play Review: Red by Eden French

The cover:

red cover

Tell me how I didn’t know this was a Menage book? I swear it wasn’t until I read the summary did I realize.

The beginning!

I will say that I was immediately turned off that the first thing I read was about a girl getting abused, I just wasn’t prepared to open the book and be smacked with that. I am confused as to who the wolf is but I guess that I will find out sooner rather than later. 🙂

Calen seems like a pretty good guy, I want to find who ever this Kimberly person is and smack her around a few times just for being an ass. How do you let go of someone like Calen? HOW… HOW!!! But I am a bit upset with him and his obvious disregard for the bro-code. I mean I know he saw how Zev was looking at Celeste so why even try? If this is the one time that he acts different with a girl wouldn’t you want to leave it for him and not try to get in with her?

Chapters 1-9


Well good god this is hot! I am not understanding Zev’s place in all of this really, but the relationship between Calen and Celeste… Yes I want that!!

Halfway through!

Jeez, I really feel like Calen is getting the sh*t end of this stick. I mean I understand what the mother is saying about the true mate and true companion, but to willing play second fiddle…..eeeek, I don’t know if my pride would be able to handle it.


Ummmm… Question!

Now that Celeste told Calen about Zev, does that mean that Calen is a shifter too? Her mother insinuated that her father was a shifter as well. Does Calen just not know?

The ending.

I was not expecting that at all or that I would find it so hot. It was so beautifully written. I really couldn’t put it down!


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