Who Doesn’t Love a Bad Boy!

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Tulsa was a such a great a book! I really couldn’t put it down! You can see my review below!!!

 TulsaTulsa by S.L. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Tulsa Crow is so swoon worthy… good god!

Tulsa is the drummer for the break out band the Crow brothers, there are still small time but they are getting bigger with every gig. Tulsa is pretty much your typical rockstar, killer good looks, killer body, killer charm. He gets laid as often as possible but never makes any lasting connections because he just wants to have fun.
*Side bar, can we focus on his name for a bit, I thought it was so unique even though at first it sounded more like a girl name than a man but it grew on me fast! His brothers all have very unique names, River and Jet. I loved it! Now back to the regularly scheduled programming!*
Tulsa and the rest of the Crow brothers end up opening up for another band, The resistance, this is the opportunity of a life time for them! Along with the Farris Wheels, another new band that is up and coming. The lead guitarist and sings is Nikki Farris, she basically goes through life doing what she wants, saying what she wants and not caring about what anyone has to say about it. Of course she is instantly attracted to Tulsa as is he but she thinks him arrogant, cocksure (isn’t that a great word????) and oooo so sexy!
They finally get together keeping it from everyone to make sure the tour goes off without a hitch.
Tulsa ends up falling head over heals in love with this woman and asking her to marry him. 6 weeks into their relationship!
Nikki is attacked by an ex who is crazed and refuses to let her go while Tulsa just can’t keep himself from going in and out of jail for fighting..lol
This was an awesome read! I would recommend to everyone!

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