A Wonderful Hot Read by Alice Ward- The Island

So who doesn’t love a good dominant CEO, Eli is that to the extreme, meaning that he will pretty much force you to date him…lol.

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But for real it was a really good book! Check out my full review here!

The IslandThe Island by Alice Ward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was by far the most realistic unrealistic read I have had in a long time. So you have Kendra, who is your College student on her business internship, she was raised by a tough former Navy SEAL so she doesn’t take any mess from anyone.
Eli is the CEO of a successful business and just so happens to choose Kendra to be his intern, so lets start with the unrealistic part of the story.
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So the entire book is filled with sexual harassment on Eli’s part, at one point he expects Kendra to give him a back massage because he is the boss and she is the intern. Then he pretty much forces her to join him to the ballet… can someone say GROSS MORALE TURPITUDE?????

of course she declines his advances time and time again.

Now to move on to the realistic portion, they get kidnapped and actually end up stranded on an island. Not only do they have to find a way to make shelter, but the sexual frustration causes them to be petty towards each other, this I agree with, sexual frustration can do that. Then since they do make love and are on an Island there is no birth control meaning that she becomes pregnant, very realistic, then due to the cuts on her back she comes down with an infection. Again super realistic. This was a nice easy read! I would recommend! (hide spoiler)]

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