My Take On This Re-Make! Mechanica by Betsy Cornwell

I really enjoyed this book it was so different than what all the usual Cinderella remakes are spewing out these days!

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I was so surprised, it did go a bit towards Cinder style but the creativity was off the charts!

Here is my Goodreads review!
Mechanica (Mechanica, #1)Mechanica by Betsy Cornwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a great take on Cinderella… I am starting to see a bit of a pattern here with all the cinderella books.
SO we all know the story. Nicolette’s parents die leaving her with the wicked step mother and the step sisters who treat her horribly and make her do all the house work and sew them dresses.
The twist here is they live in a time where there was a fae land that they used to trade with in this day and age they are on there way to a war with them so the magic that the fae used to trade with them is no longer leagal in the lands. The fae magic that not many know how to work, except for her deceased mother and now Nicolette. With this fae magic, or the ashes she is able to bring machinery to life. Not only is she a brilliant inventor but she is able to recreate the small horse that her mother leaves for her. Jules.
At the beginning she starts her journey at the market selling things like sewing machines. She falls into a crowd that helps heron her first day. Caro and Fin.
She thinks that she loves Fin so when she goes to the ball and finds out that he is actually the prince she is happy, until she realizes that he is actually in love with Caro who is just a servant and could never be queen.
There is the dance and she runs off leaving the shoe like she does in the regular story but this time instead of riding of into the sunset with the prince she and another merchant go into business to recreate the shoe that she lost, a shoe of glass and gears. Where she should become a millionaire and be able to leave her steps house.

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