But I Don’t Want To Resist!! Review of Resisting the Biker by Cassie Alexandra

I read this book within a collection, and it was so good! I was a bit upset about how it started, I feel like Krystal got the poopoo end of the stick in my opinion. I will be following up with this series because… good lord!
Here is my Goodreads Review!

Resisting The Biker (The Biker, #1)Resisting The Biker by Cassie Alexandra
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can’t even describe how much I liked this book!!
For starters, Raptor is SO FREAKING AWESOME! I mean he has a heart of freaking gold, he takes in the youths in his home if they have no where to go?
Adriana on the other hand is a bit too sheltered? I mean why is her mother still telling her what to where and what to eat. I know that you do not want to leave her alone after your father died but if you don’t move on with your own life she is never going to either!
I did feel super bad for Krystal it really seemed like it was a case of in the wrong place at the wrong time kind of thing, and even if he did try to act all hard and stuff, Tank really did love that girl.
Now for the cliffhanger of the freaking century! You finally get Raptor to admit that he wants Adriana to be his old lady and even think about getting out of the life, they start on their future together and you have this DIRTY BIRD, Brandy show up talking about she is pregnant!!!
I just wanted to die. They went through so much to have it stopped by her! Ugh!

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