23:27 by H.L . Roberts

23:2723:27 by H.L. Roberts
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this as an ARC from Author

I will say that I liked the book and it did touch on some serious topics, suicide, racism, self confidence, depression. I can never say what the person who thinks that suicide is the only way out is feeling or thinking, but I completely believe that it is one of the most selfish things that anyone could do. So when the MC decides that she is going to kill herself because other people have rooted themselves in her head and forced her to feel like crap about herself and make her leave the man she loves, I could only think of the alternatives that she could have done. Then once she is out of the Institution she decides that she is just going to continue with the charade instead of asking Alec why he didn’t write her? Then once they get back together she is scared to say boyfriend because she didn’t know if he would be mad….. Oh Jeez!!!
Honestly if there is anything that I learned from this book it is that communication is key!!!

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