Singe By Aly Martinez!! A Page Turner

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Singe By Aly Martinez… A page turner!
In this book the wealthy heiress of the Park fortune, Rhion Park finds herself the object of her brother stalkage. She hires the guardian security to keep him away all the while keeping herself hidden away from the world. She spends her days locked in her apartment writing fiction novels about a night that happened years ago. The fire. A fire which left over 20% of her body in grafts and which she painted with tattoos. The fire that she was saved from by Jude.
Jude this is how I feel about you!
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Reasons why I hate but love Jude.
1. He tries so hard to not be with Rhion because he believes it is his fault that she was hurt/ I love him because he knows he can’t get away from loving her no matter how hard he tries.
2. I hate that he hates his own scars, but I love that he thinks Rhion’s are beautiful.
3. I hate that he blames himself for her injuries in the fire even though he did save her life, but I love that he does not run to the hero role.

The Guardian Security Dynamic!

I love the whole security dynamic! Johnson is of course my favorite, even though he is a complete jerk off….lol.

Bomb Drop #1

So Johnson is gay? Bi? Confused? I swore that he and Rhion were together the way he was so tender with her in the beginning parts of the book. My jaw literally dropped when he told her that “he was always into women as long as there was a man on the other side!”  I need a book about Johnson and his love life… I need to know!!

Bomb Drop #2

Leo knew the entire time that Rhion was a bit (MASSIVELY) obsessed with Jude and he still hired him to work for them? That could have gone bad in so many different ways!

Bomb Drop #3

So you are telling me that Pete is the bad guy this whole time!!! REALLY!!! THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME!!! I was so upset by this. I literally screamed at my e-reader!
Rhion has just spent the past 2 years of her life going through the ringer, she loses her father, she is injured in a fire and is saved by Jude only to turn around and throw him under the bus, she is willed her fathers entire estate and everyone including her step mother has their hands out, she gives the business to Pete her fathers assistant but still gets money whenever she wants. Her brother stalks her to the point she can not leave her own home, she only goes upstairs to hang with the guardian crew and back to her place. Come to find out the only person that she thought really cared about her, Pete, was the real villain! The biggest shocker of them all. APOLLO!! I just couldn’t believe it! The abrupt left that this book took left me speechless, breathless and with strained eyes from not blinking while I was reading! I did not want to miss a thing!

Jude and Rhions love made me so happy
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I loved how it wasn’t your typical yes I saved you so that means you are mine, love. It was a tortured I do not deserve you, I am the reason you are hurt love. And the loyalty that he has for her and vice versa, ugh just let me melt right here. My heart fluttered every time he called her butterfly

Questions I wish I could Ask  the Author!
1. Where did you think of Jude! His personality is everything!!!
2. Will Rhion publish her books about Jude?
3. Will there be a book about Johnson? Maybe his time with a younger Rhion?
For my fellow book lovers:
Do you feel like Johnson and Alex had a thing or was that just me?
Do you think that Apollo is just playing her?
What are your thoughts on Pete, Did you all expect that? (I expected something just not that!)

The Candy Coated Books Rating!!!!

Story line (easy to follow):
5 freaking stars!!!
From the very first page I was freaking hooked! I didn’t want to put it down, the action never stopped,and I felt like each person had their own unique personality! The story itself was so different, and the twists!!! Yes!!
Characters (Likability)
5 Freaking stars!
There are a lot of characters but I loved them all! I loved how they all took care of Rhion even with her quirkyness, how they all tried to help her even though Apollo starting the fire was impossible. How close they all were as a unit! ONE MO GAIN!!! YES!!!

How bad ass was this book:
5 holy freaking stars!!!

I was ready for a good read but this was phenomenal! I have no qualms with this book at all!!! I love it! LOVE! LOVE!!!!

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